The money transfer annual summit

The Global Money Transfer Summit (GMTS), is the most recognised conference in the money transfer industry. It brings together innovators, disruptors and stakeholders to explore the challenges and opportunities in the remittance industry.
GMTS brings together a global network of innovators, disruptors and established industry stakeholders driving the worldwide payments and financial services revolution. GMTS is the forum where the main operators and regulators will examine the areas that are having the biggest impact in the remittance industry.

Topics included in the agenda

  • Money Transfer Operators (MTOs): - In this session we will discuss how MTOs need to evolve to be able to truly grasp the opportunities presented by the changes in technology while contending with potential new disruptive models and other challenges.

  • Regulations: -The continuing regulatory challenges  - How are the Payments Systems Directive 2 (PSD2) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) working in practice? Do they serve as models for the rest of the world? What are the barriers to the effective functioning of the passport? What other EU policy measures are required to further promote the success of the PSD? What are consumer perception and behaviours around PSD2 and GDPR regulatory changes and the shift to an open banking world?

  • Crypto-money

  • Mobile Money

  • The digital innovation - The money transfer industry is witnessing rapid growth in innovations across the value chain, thus making it more fragmented. Digital banking payment services providers in the form of fintech start-ups have caused disruption in the banking and payments landscape. What are the trends in the payment industry that are expected to drive the dynamics of the remittance ecosystem?

  • EU regulators - How EU regulators are preparing for the new EU environment? In this session we will discuss how EU regulators are preparing to work with UK firms seeking to retain access to the bloc, and how UK firms are preparing to work with EU regulators.

  • Investors: - Are the disruptive international money transfer companies the hottest startups for investors? What is the whole remittance industry overview from an investor perspective, considering all the different models? How has the increase in technology affected the valuation between the traditional model and the pure online players in remittances?​ ​What are the factors that can impact a valuation?  


Ripple - Jeremy Light


Jeremy Light

Jekaterina Govina

Bank of Lithuania

Jekaterina Govina 

Sumitomo - Christopher Campell

Sumitomo Corporation

Christopher Campbell

WorldRemit-Tamer El-Emary


Tamer El-Emary

R. Johnson 8571.jpg

Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

Richard Fox

Kabirou MBODJE - Photo_KM__Wari.jpg


Kabirou Mbodje

Paul Arnautoff - Cropped.png


Paul Arnautoff

Nika Naghavi - cropped.jpg


Nika Naghavi

Tom McLeod - Tom McLeod - G4S.jpg

G4S Cash Solutions (UK) Ltd

Tom McLeod

Marcela Gonzalez-photo.jpg

Ria Money Transfer

Marcela Gonzalez

Michal Matul - AXA


Michal Matul

renier lemmens - Picture1.jpg


Renier Lemmens

Thomas Toonen.jpg

De Nederlandsche Bank

Thomas Toonen

nikila punnoose - Reg Stewart- MFS.jpg

MFS Africa

Reg Swart

Jack C. Liu


Jack C. Liu

Rob Ayers Headshot  (1).JPG


Rob Ayers


Compliancy Services Ltd

John Burns

Samee Zafar2.jpg


Samee Zafar

Naushad Contractor- Avenues_edited.jpg

Naushad Contractor

US Treasury - Jonathan Fishman

US Treasury

Jonathan Fishman

Nick Day - Nick_Day Image.jpg

Small World Financial Services Group Limited

Nick Day

George Harrap - George Profile Pic colou


George Harrap


Apis Partners

Asad Naqvi

Dilip Ratha -The World Bank

The World Bank

Dilip Ratha

James Borley Director of FSCom


James Borley

Mar Cachá.jpg

Banco de España

Mar Cachá

Olivier MERLAN - OMidetect.png


Olivier Merlan


Abu Dhabi Global Market - FSRA

Simon O'Brien



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