GMTS - Cape Town

Day 1

26th March 2019




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Keynote Speaker

How Remittances Are Driving Mobile Money's Next Revolution

Michael Joseph, Non-Executive Director at MFS Africa


10:00- 11:00               

Regional Operators (panel session)

Creating partnerships to enable international remittances through mobile money. Traditional money transfer operators are also collaborating with mobile money providers. Mobile technology is one of the most exciting forces shaping how people send and receive international remittances today. However, a number of barriers still remain, slowing down the much needed expansion of mobile money transfers across a greater number of countries.

Mukuru - Dougal Bennett

Hello Paisa -Sayjil Anill

Wari - Kabirou Mbodje

ZeePay - Dede Quereshi 

MFS Africa - Dare Okoudjou



11:00- 11:30   Coffee Break



11:30- 12:00

Presentation by Ecobank

Mr. Patrick Akinwuntan, Managing Director and Chief Executive, EcoBank, Nigeria



FinTech, RegTech and the Role of Compliance

Technology is driving rapid change in financial services, with the latest developments seen as revolution rather than evolution. Regulatory developments are driving technological change, and the remit of the compliance function is broadening to cover cyber risks as well as the assessment of new technology to help manage regulatory risk.

EastNets - Hazem Mulhim

MFS Africa - Lerato Molefe

Jetixa - Amit  Pingale                         

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13:00-14:30 .  Lunch




Investors Session

Fintech Horizons, from Asia to Africa

 During this session we will focus on: Are the disruptive international money transfer companies the hottest start-ups for investors? What is the whole remittance industry overview from an investor perspective, considering all the different models? How has the increase in technology affected the valuation between the traditional model and the pure online players in remittances? What are the factors that can impact a valuation?

Quona Capital - Monica Brand Engel 

Amadeus Capital - Perry Blacher

Lun Partners - Peilung Li


15:30- 16:00   Coffee Break




Post Office Session

Synergies between postal and digital financial services: The post explored several models of interactions with mobile technologies, building on its experience, trust and proximity

 to clients and considering the increasing importance of mobile money.

PostBank Uganda LTD - Wasike Fred Samuel

PostFinance International Development - Hans Boon




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18.00 – 21.00

Drink Reception

Sponsored by EastNets

Day 2

27th March 2019



09:00- 09:15

Welcome Message by IAMTN


Keynote Speaker

Driving Relevance in Payments

David Yates, Senior Advisor to Mastercard


Mobile money and the remittances revolution: Mobile money has revolutionized the way remittances are sent and received in Africa, broadening access, reducing costs, and increasing transparency. At the same time, remittances have driven uptake in mobile money use, and create an injection of liquidity into mobile money ecosystems. What’s next for mobile remittance channels in Africa? How far have we come towards the vision of mobile interoperability? And what are the biggest challenges to achieving that vision today?

Vodacom - Victoria Mojuto

MTN  - Serigne Dioum

Safaricom - Olivia Etyang

11:00-11:20 .   Coffee Break


MTO panel session

The sub-Saharan Africa region presents a number of opportunities for bank and non-bank financial service providers, mobile operators, and others seeking new markets. In a region where cash is still king, new technology has the potential to break often long-established habits of consumers and their preferred methods of paying. There is significant latent demand for digital payments in many markets of sub-Saharan Africa, and widespread consumer acceptance of mobile communications technology is highly encouraging. For players able and willing to move in the near future, there are also opportunities to win important first-mover advantages. How do operators need to evolve to be able to truly grasp the opportunities presented by the changes in technology while contending with potential new disruptive models and other challenges?

MoneyTrans - Jeremy de Smert

Azimo - Michael Kent

Small World Financial Services - Nick Day

WorldRemit - Andrew Stewart

Ria Money Transfer - El Hadj Malick Seck


12:30-14:30 .   Lunch


Remittances Data

Migration and Remittances

The World Bank - Dilip Ratha



“MFS Africa and the Remittances Revolution: From Household to Handset”

MFS Africa - Dare Okoudjou


Fintech, remittances, and financial inclusion: It’s been a decade since the term ‘fintech’ emerged as a buzzword, and in recent years it’s become one of the hottest sectors for investment in Africa. How is fintech in Africa unique? Is fintech delivering on its promise for financial inclusion in Africa? In what ways do remittance services drive the development of the fintech ecosystem? And how does blockchain technology fit into the picture?

XAGO - Debra Roodt

LUN Partners - Kotsuki Kaede

Digital Frontiers Institute - Gavin Krugel

FNB - Gugu Zikhali

16:00-16:15 .   Coffee Break


Do Payment Systems Support Remittances in sub-Saharan Africa?

Cenfri - Antonia Esser

17:00    Closing Remarks by IAMTN