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Small World Money Transfer

Small World FS is Europe’s leading and most trusted payment service provider, offering a secure, fast and inexpensive way to send and receive money anywhere in the world.

We believe that sending money abroad should be a simple and secure process with good value.  Our global network provides a wide range of payment options – from bank account transfers, to cash pick-ups and mobile wallet top ups  – which allow clients to make transfers to any country, no matter the currency. Furthermore, this network ensures that payments can be collected in under 15 minutes and that bank accounts can be credited within hours.

Payment options include:

  • Cash pick-up

  • Account transfer

  • Mobile top-up

  • Mobile wallet

  • Home delivery

With 450 employees around the world, Small World FS offers the best of local with the best of global business

Small World FS runs on a multi-channel model, with in-country specialists continuously seeking to help customers in the way that best suits them. Products and services for consumers and businesses are always available, be it in store, through a network of independent agent locations, over the phone, on the internet or on your mobile.

Launched in 2012, Azimo is the better way to transfer money around the world, touching millions of people’s lives. Fast, simple and safe, Azimo has the largest digital network in the world, enabling customers to send money to over 190 countries from any internet-connected device.

Riskified is a technology company focused on leveraging data and innovation to ensure our customers are always one step ahead of online fraudsters.

Founded by Eido Gal and Assaf Feldman in 2013, what started out as a simple idea is now a scalable solution trusted by hundreds of global brands. From luxury fashion houses and retail chains to gift card and ticket marketplaces, we respect our customers and strive to provide value and top notch service.

We are proud to enter the UK as its newest challenger bank, after receiving authorisation by the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Based on our ethos of fairness and transparency, BFC Bank will offer low-cost basic corporate banking products for small to medium-sized enterprises and payment service providers with a strong emphasis on international transactions and multi-currency cash management, as well as UK domestic payments.

iDETECT® is a nextgen enterprise risk management platform that provides an end-to-end functional coverage and protection against the full financial crime spectrum through a secure browser-based solution, which is also highly configurable by end users. We achieve outstanding results that were difficult, if not impossible, to achieve with previous technology. 
iDETECT® is transforming the risk management area with user behavior analytics (UBA) based on machine-learning and predictive models. Using the latest techniques to monitor for threats, iDETECT® provides Actionable Intelligence to protect against targeted and under-the-radar attacks using both structured and unstructured data. GARTNER®, the leading research company, says that by 2017, at least 80% of companies that adopt UBA will achieve at least a 5-to-1 ROI within one year of implementation by achieving productivity gains and lower security or fraud incidence costs.
iDETECT® integrates structured and unstructured data, provides advanced search and discovery capabilities, enables knowledge management, and facilitates secure collaboration for the most demanding customers. The platform effectively addresses topics like AML, CTF, KYC, KYCC, KYT, fraud (including internal and external threats), market abuse, cybercrime and more.
 iDETECT® is backed by world renowned-experts in compliance, investigation, intelligence and security as required to deliver best-of-breed technology and achieve exceptional clarity and insight to protect our client’s assets and reputation.

Ria Money Transfer is the third largest money transfer company in the world and subsidiary of Euronet Worldwide (NASDAQ: EEFT). The company forms part of the money transfer segment of Euronet, alongside XE and HiFX. Established in 1987, Ria has expanded significantly and now offers services in 144 countries through more than 324,000 locations worldwide. The company aims to provides a fast, secure and affordable experience for people sending and receiving money, along with competitive currency exchange services for individuals and businesses. For updates and information, see: www.riafinancial.com and www.riamoneytransfer.com

Paysafe provides digital payments and transaction-related solutions to businesses and consumers around the world. Paysafe is redefining payments by enabling fast, convenient and secure ways to pay before, pay now and pay later through its payment processing, digital wallets, prepaid solutions and card issuing, and acquiring products and services. We believe that every point of every payment should be relevant, simple and secure. With two decades of experience, Paysafe is trusted by businesses and consumers to move and manage money through more than 100 payment types and 40 currencies. Paysafe offers multi-platform products with an emphasis on emerging payment technologies including mobile. Paysafe's brand portfolio includes NETELLER® and Skrill®, MeritCard, paysafecard®, payolution®, Income Access and FANS Entertainment. Paysafe Group plc shares trade on the London Stock Exchange under the symbol (PAYS.L). 

FCI was established in 2014 by a management team consisting of senior and highly experienced finance and technology professionals who shared an interest in addressing the alarming levels of financial crime. The significant benefits from institution to institution intelligence sharing and collaboration were immediately recognised and resulted in the development of FCI's Central Intelligence Connector (CIC) system. CIC enables financial institutions to quickly and accurately identify criminal networks and victims whilst reducing duplicated investigative effort and facilitating a collaborative approach. Those who have been affected by fraud can be better protected and provided with preventative advice based on historical fraud attempts. CIC follows current data protection principles and can easily be adapted to accommodate legislative changes in the new Criminal Finances Act. CIC enables institutions to conduct their investigations in a leaner and more efficient way and mitigates the risk of litigation. This will result in significant cost savings and reduced losses for customers and financial institutions whilst at the same time improving the public’s perception of the industry.

Jetixa is a payments solutions provider offering innovative and disruptive products and services to the cross border financial services and payments industry.  Jetixa is a leading provider of on-boarding solution incorporating digital identity capture, validation and verification solutions around the globe. We provide all the tools our clients need to create a compelling user experience for a wide range of customer on-boarding and engagement requirements. Also as a global hub Jetixa provides its clients with a safe, convenient, quick and seamless service to transfer money all around the world at very competitive prices. We facilitate end-to-end payment solutions( P2P and B2B) , that can be tailored to meet your specific business requirements.

INSTANT CASH GLOBAL MONEY TRANSFER (popularly known as INSTANT CASH) is one of the fastest growing money transfer companies in the world. A member of the Emirates Post Group, INSTANT CASH is a UAE government owned money Transfer Company. Our Head Office in the UAE is supported by local offices in the Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Philippines.We understand the hard work that the expat community puts into making their loved ones lives easier and better. INSTANT CASH is committed to offering (y)our customers the most competitive rates in the market when they send money home to their family. Our services include A/C transfers, transfer to mobile wallets and cash payouts.With a network of over 250,000 locations, across the globe, an INSTANT CASH Global Money Transfer location is always close by. When you choose us, you choose a money transfer service that is secure, convenient and competitive. 

Established in 2001, IME Remit is by far the dominant player in the remittance sector of IME Remit offices spans over 25 countries including; Malaysia, Qatar, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Japan, the UK, the USA and India. With its correspondent relationship with hundreds of global financial institutions, IME Remit contributed to institutionalize the remittance business in Nepal. IME Remit offers world class remittance services and owns a remarkable market share of the service. It boasts of an extensive domestic network with 6400 franchise outlets in Nepal. The catchphrase “IME Garaun” (Let’s Do IME: आइएमई गरौँ) is a vivid testimony to the strength of the brand IME which is synonymously used among Nepalese communities across the globe for sending/receiving remittances in Nepal. IME received the “Commercially Important Person (CIP) Award” in 2014 from the Government of Nepal in recognition of bringing in the largest volume of remittances to Nepal through formal channels. IME has also been conferred with the “Largest Taxpayer Award” among the remittance companies for the last three consecutive years starting in 2014. Most recently, IME has set another milestone by being internationally recognized as the “Best Remittance Company 2016” under the “Nepal Best Practices”awarded by Frost and Sullivan

MaxMoney.com started its money services business in 2001 and has grown rapidly since. MaxMoney is the first Malaysian company to obtain full-fledged Money Service Business (MSB) License, regulated by Bank Negara Malaysia. With combined experience of more than 30 years in business, as a market leader. It is the most innovative Money Services Business in Malaysia with its Hybrid (bridging offline and online) model of business. MaxMoney is also the first Non-Bank MSB SWIFT member in Malaysia and one of the few companies in the world which uses microservice framework in its tech infrastructure development.


MaxMoney has 20 brick and mortar stores and in the process of implementing it's MaxTerminals (EDC) in over 3000 touch points across Malaysia in the next 12 months. Its Founder & Director Mr Abda Hamid, who is also the company’s CEO is a vanguard of introducing new innovations and technologies such as usage of touch-screen terminals and networked PCs in Money Service Businesses in Malaysia two decades ago.  Being a Visionary and strong believer in technology, he also spearheads the Research and Development of Fintech innovations in MaxMoney.


In early 2017, Max Money achieved its significant milestone of acquiring approval to go digital and provide fintech services from the Malaysian Central Bank. With Fintech being the next important catalyst for growth, Mr Abda Hamid sensed the opportunity more than 3 years ago and worked on a technology which was ahead of its time. Max Money continues to strive to set the trend in the market which is evident by introducing  its MaxTerminals (EDC), first of its kind in the world. As MaxMoney continues to grow, it will always be pushing the boundaries and aspire to be the market leader in the market.

We are a leading UK cyber security firm that has already helped hundreds of European blue chip and government organisations. We provide help with getting your digital defences ready ideally before rather than after a breach!.We help in a number of ways from preparing your company to be ready for the new regulations in May 2018 with GDPR through to best design and project skills in Application Delivery Networking, Cybersecurity and bespoke solutions to clients in banking, retail, finance, and insurance.  We are both Independent and agnostic, which enables us to safeguard your digital assets with the right solution for your business.  This helps you use applications and communicate, store and transact data easier, safer and faster.

Our iCyber-Shield defence product helps you get more out of your existing investments and people by simplifying what we have and what you manage.  Return on Investment can be measured in months. 

We also run the iCyber-Academy, a dedicated technical training and certification resource that helps boost and build UK cyber-skills.  We can do provide training on-premise for your teams to better defend your business.For more information please visit our Website:  http:www.icyber-security.com    

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